« We are constantly striving for cleaner plants with consideration for the responsible and sustainable protection of atmosphere ».

The flue gas treatment purpose is to reduce atmospheric emissions from industrial stacks and waste incinerators to levels close to zero, to definitively prevent any impact on the environment and human health. VINCI Environnement designs and offers the optimum treatment solution to balance technical, environmental and economic performance, whether on new installations or to bring existing facilities into compliance.
VINCI Environnement’s recognized technical expertise and know-how demonstrated on numerous projects make it a leader in the field of air pollution control in Europe.
Fabric filter
For each project, we guarantee:
an optimized technological choice
a highly efficient treatment of flue gas
a low operating costs
a safety and ease maintenance

VINCI Environnement designs and builds turnkey units covering a very wide range of flow volumes, from 10,000 Nm3h to 1,000,000 Nm3/h, using its own technologies:
Fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators
Cooling towers
Lime slurry reactors
deNOx reactors

VINCI Environnement processes go beyond current regulations and standards for the treatment of all of the main types of pollutants in flue gas:
Treatment of acid pollutants (HCl, SO2 and HF) via dry, semi-dry (or cooled dry), semi-wet and wet processes
Acid gas removal (HCl, SO2 and HF) by dry, semi-dry and wet processes
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) by selective catalytic reduction processes (SCR LT - SCR HT ) and selective non catalytic reduction process (SNCR)
Dioxins/furans removal by sorbent capture process (activated carbon) or by catalytic destruction process
Heavy metals removal (Hg, Cd, Tl, etc.) by sorbent capture (activated carbon) process or by absorption into acid scrubber in wet process
Dust and particulate matter removal by filtration through bag filter (fabric filter) or by electrostatic filtration (electrostatic precipitator)

VINCI Environnement’s flue gas treatment processes :

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