Human Resources policy


A stake in success

VINCI Environnement is a leading designer-builder of waste, flue gas and water treatment facilities. Its human resources policy is designed to develop and reward skills, and to promote our employees’ personal development. Our ambition is to enable each employee to realise his or her full potential. Expertise and commitment are the bedrock of VINCI Environnement’s success.
Joining VINCI Environnement means you will share with VINCI’s 180,000 employees in the projects and achievements of one of the world’s leading construction and concession operators. It also means sharing in VINCI’s human values, spelled out in its Manifesto, signed by the Chairman Xavier Huillard and embodying the following commitments:
guaranteed security for each employee;
developing sustainable jobs;
a personalised training programme for each of our employee;
encouraging employees to become shareholders;
civic involvement via VINCI’s Corporate Foundation for the Community.

Recruiting and nurturing

Newly-hired graduate engineers undergo further training in our Pépinière (incubator for young engineers) programme, part of the company’s Technical Business Unit. Accompanied by a mentor, they spend 12 months learning about VINCI Environnement’s different businesses and technologies.
Two or three young engineers pass through this programme each year, before taking charge of a concrete project or worksite.

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