«To turn waste into a resource, we need to improve our processes continuously, and adapt them to the varied nature of local conditions ».

This activity embraces all mechanical treatment processes (mechanical sorting, waste preparation, etc.) and biological treatment (anaerobic digestion and composting). VINCI Environnement possesses extensive expertise in this field, and has developed a range of specific tools and equipment now proven in a large number of facilities. Very advanced technology VINCI Environnement deploys a wide array of technologies addressing all of the issues facing local authorities and industrial firms in this area, including:

BRS® , a pre-fermentation and municipal waste preparation technique,
SILODA®, automated composting with forced aeration,
ECOSILO® , compartmented composting with regulated, forced aeration,
ECOTUNNEL® , tunnel composting,
KOMPOGAS® , the most tried and tested anaerobic digestion process on the market, developed exclusively by VINCI Environnement in France.

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