The design phase for the new Recovery from Waste Center of Ivry-Paris is launched

This first phase, effective as of September 1st 2015, is to conduct the design engineering of the new Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) including detailed design, the preparation of permit and planning applications and site preparatory works.

After this first phase which will run for 30 months, three others will take place until contract end in 2034, consisting in the construction of the new ERF of a half capacity of that of existing unit (350,000 tpa) (phase 2) the deconstruction of existing plant and construction, in lieu thereof, an biological treatment unit with mechanical treatment and anaerobic digestion, and the construction of waterway logistics hub to deliver the waste to the site and evacuate the by-products (phase 3) and finally the site commissioning and operation of the equipment (stage 4).

Recall that Syctom is the largest European Syndicate for household waste treatment involving 84 Municipalities of Ile de France. And the overall contract for the transformation of the existing Ivry Paris XIII incineration plant into a new center of the latest generation for organic and energy recovery from waste has been entrusted by Syctom to the IP13 Consortium. The contract includes on one hand the operation and decommissioning of the existing facility, and on the other hand the technical and architectural design, construction and operation of the new facility. Within this IP13 consortium, that secured the contract, three subsidiaries of VINCI supply the majority of the design and build part: VINCI Environnement, Chantiers Modernes Construction (VINCI Construction France) and VINCI Energies will perform this works over 12 years work.

(1) The IP13 consortium, led by SITA, is composed of VINCI (VINCI Environnement, Chantiers Modernes Construction, VINCI Energies), Eiffage TP, Inova, Satelec, Hitachi Zosen Group, BG Ingénieurs Conseils and AIA (Architectes Ingénieurs Associés)

The main works are confided to the companies of the group VINCI

VINCI Environnement, is in charge of the design and build of the biological recovery unit. The steam cycle equipment of the thermal treatment unit, the water treatment and the site iconic stacks.
Chantiers Modernes Construction is partly responsible of the demolition works of existing facility, special foundations and civil works and accesses of the new facility.
VINCI Energies with GTIE provides delivery related to electrical installations and control system of the plant.
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