Customer :

VALTOM, the local joint community of Puy-de-Dôme and north of Haute-Loire

Role :

Process Engineering/ Construction

Key date :


Location :

Clermont-Ferrand - France

Description of the Project

The new integrated solid waste treatment facility VERNEA, based on complementary and innovating treatments, aims at recovering energy from waste from the VALTOM area. The facility is consisting in a sorting unit, a biological stabilization unit, a biological recovery unit including anaerobic digestion, and an Energy from Waste plant. Three types of waste are processed and recycled according to their specific nature. Green waste and organic waste (fermentable fraction of household waste) are processed by the biological recycling plants to produce standardised compost and biogas transformed into electricity by the energy recovery unit. With regard to residual household waste, sorted beforehand on the site, a portion is recycled into electrical energy and the rest is stabilised to reduce the landfill volume by approximately 35%. I&C waste and shredded bulky waste are also processed in the Energy from Waste Unit.

Number of lines : 1 line of 21.5 t/h (150,000 t/yr. of MBT refuses and hazardous waste)
Flow rate of flue gases treated : 130,000 Nm3/h
Temperature of flue gases : 195°C

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Treatment of dust particles by electrostatic filtration
  • Treatment of acid pollutants by dry process using Bicar®
  • Treatment of dioxins/furans and heavy metals on activated carbon
  • Treatment of nitrogen oxides by low temperature catalytic deNOx S.C.R. (180°C) using ammonia
  • Storage of reagents (silos and tank, dosage and injection)
  • Pre-filtration by electrostatic precipitator with 2 fields (3,006 m² of filtration surface)
  • VINCI Environnement Fabric filter with 8 isolables cells (4,043 m² of PTFE filtration surface)
  • Catalytic reactor with 10 isolables cells (24 t of bulk catalyst) with on-site thermal regeneration
  • Mechanical handling of fly ash and PSR with silo storage
  • 2×450 kW ID fan
  • Stack, 47.5 m high with diameter of 2.1 m


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