Energy Recovery

Producing green energy

The thermal processing of waste is in line with sustainable development in several ways. First of all, it reduces the amount of waste produced by 70% in mass (or even 95% after recovery of bottom ash) and 90% in volume. Secondly, it allows efficient recovery of the energy contained in the waste while complying with European atmospheric emission regulatory requirements.

All of these factors today confirm that VINCI Environment has chosen the right thermal waste treatment solutions as part of a comprehensive disposal scheme.

VINCI Environment controls all the processes with its own technologies.

Its full range of innovative furnaces—rotary or with stepped or roller grates (air- or water-cooled)—rank among the best available techniques to process all types of waste in strict compliance with BREF Incineration requirements.

Our processing capacity allows us to offer solutions ranging up to 250,000 t/year of waste to incinerate.

VINCI Environment researches and offers the best processing solutions to combine technical, environmental and economic performance, whether building new facilities or bringing older ones into compliance.

VINCI Environment’s various fume processing technologies allow it to actively participate in the zero-emission approach.

Its technical expertise and know-how, recognized by many certifications, make VINCI Environment a key player in the area of flue gas processing thanks to its treatment processes:

  • Acidic pollutants,
  • Nitrogen oxide,
  • Dioxins and furans,
  • Heavy metals


It also offers electrostatic precipitator and bag filter dedusting solutions.


VINCI Environment aims to be a major player in the building of biomass recovery units.

We offer the best possible, most innovative solutions to recover the energy from biomass combustion and convert it into heat, power or both combined in cogeneration. Recognized for over 30 years, our expertise and know-how in the control of combustion processes and thermodynamic cycles allow us to offer turnkey solutions for biomass units.