Making the Environment a source of innovation

VINCI Environment has steadfastly chosen to meet the challenge of continuous innovation.

Strengthening regulations to improve processing safety and efficiency, taking people’s expectations, behaviour and diversity into account depending on where they live and maintaining our competitiveness in a globalised world require a continuous innovation effort and technological responsiveness in all our business units.


Shrinking the environmental footprint

Building the concept of sustainable development into the design of all our facilities and managing our projects by:

  • Mobilising, training and raising the awareness of all a project’s stakeholders (employees, co- and subcontractor partners, clients and operators) so that everyone acts in an environmentally responsible fashion in their professions and practices.
  • Seamlessly integrating our projects and making the most of existing possibilities.

Carrying out a responsible purchasing policy to acquire the best materials and forge lasting relationships with our suppliers.


Helping our clients move towards green, sustainable growth:

In all our projects, we:

  • Take the local environment and population’s needs into account,
  • Find groundbreaking solutions to match investment and operating costs with the highest possible performance,

Design sustainable, environmentally friendly projects by conserving resources.


Being a responsible company: quality - safety - environment

  • Carrying out projects in compliance with vinci environment’s in-house iso 9001-certified quality policy.
  • Reaching the “zero accident” target: VINCI Environment makes it a point of honour to ensure its employees and partners’ safety through a strong prevention policy. Many initiatives are taken at every level of the company in order to avoid worksite hazards (preparation, organization, methods) and forge a genuine safety culture. All these actions focus on a single goal: “zero accidents”. To reach this target, VINCI Environment applies ISO 45001 requirements to all its projects, as well as its own rules in addition to those of the VINCI Group, under the slogan “I Act for Zero Accidents”.
  • Implementing a continuous improvement strategy with an environmental management system (ISO 14001 certification) across all our activities, focusing on protecting the environment beyond merely complying with regulations.
VINCI Environnement

Sharing success: HR policy

The men and women who work for VINCI Environment have a wide, complementary range of backgrounds and experiences. VINCI Environment’s human resources policy encourages diversity, upgrades skills and fosters personal development.

The company aims to allow every employee to give the full measure of his or her talents. We are convinced that a diversity of profiles and experiences fuels innovation and success.

The combination of these factors, in line with the values of the VINCI Group, to which our company belongs, naturally leads us to promote diversity (certified since 2016) in order to ensure the open-mindedness and vibrancy essential to our competitiveness.