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EPC Contractor

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Description of the Project

Following a new regulation from the Ministry of Construction, published in 2006, the city of Jarocin decided to modernise its waste treatment unit and awarded the construction contract to EGBUD.
VINCI Environnement, on behalf of EGBUD, built the feeder, anaerobic digestion (KOMPOGAS process), and digestate dehydration installations.

Annual treatment capacity :
entering the site : approximately 50,000 t/year of residual household waste

Feeder equipment : 30,000 t/year of fraction for anaerobic digestion
Anaerobic digestion : 15,000 t/year

Work done and added value of our solution

  • One feeder unit for the fraction for anaerobic digestion
  • One Kompogas® single digester
  • One digestate dehydration unit

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