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Role :

EPC contractor

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Location :

Forbach - France

Description of the Project

The anaerobic digestion plant of biowaste FORBACH, located in the municipality of Morsbach, is part of the overall scheme established by the SYDEME. As such it is not a “mere treatment facility,” but the heart of a system orchestrated by the Employer members include :
  • a biodiversity protection device (green and natterjack toads, wall lizard)
  • an information center and communication project on Environment,
  • an optical sorting center of waste collection bags, a unit of unpacking and preparation of biodegradable waste GMS,
  • a combined biogas for production of electricity, heat and injected into the public natural gas network,
  • an energy farm project valuing the liquid effluents of the factory,
  • or of a proposed manufacturing unit collection bags.
Site area : 3 ha
Annual processing capacity : 42,000 tons, 31,500 tons of biowaste bags, 5,500 tons of biowaste bulk / industrial waste liquids and 5,000 tons of green waste

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Sorting and preparation of source selected biowaste with shaftless screws
  • Anaerobic Digestion with KOMPOGAS®
  • Maturation with ECOTUNNEL©
  • Refining compost : Screen-star
  • Treatment of odors by washing, biofiltration and controlled dispersion
  • Electricity and Heat Production : cogeneration Groups


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