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SITA Cornwall LTD

Role :

Designer/ Builder Contractor

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Description of the Project

VINCI Environment UK was awarded the turnkey contract for the construction of the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre, comprising of an Energy from Waste unit and an adjacent bottom ash treatment plant. The unit will provide an alternative to landfill for Cornwall County-produced waste. It will process up to 240,000 tpa of residual non-recyclable waste, from which it will recover energy. Thanks to innovative and environmentally proven technologies, the CERC will produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 21,000 households and will be able to deliver heat to neighbouring facilities. The thermal treatment process will be based on two roller-grate furnace lines of 16 tons per hour each, equipped with parallel flow chambers for optimal combustion. A 23MW steam turbine generator will produce electrical power and thermal energy that can be either used on site or exported.

Site Area : 5.2 hectares
Built Area (GFA) : 15,230 sqm
Annual capacity : 240,000 tpa of Municipal Solid Waste and assimilated waste
Energy Production : 184,000 MWh of electricity per year.

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Incinerated waste: Municipal Solid Waste and assimilated waste
  • Two treatment lines, each processing 15.75 t/h of waste with NCV 9.8 MJ/kg
  • Roller-grate furnaces, parallel flow low NOx combustion chambers
  • Steam production: pressure: 60 bar / temperature: 415 ° C / throughput: 51.5 t /h per line Condensing steam turbine generator (0.1 bar abs.) equipped with 3 bleeds. Nominal power: 23 MWel
  • Semi-wet and dry flue gas treatment process, non-catalytic NOx reduction (SNCR with ammonia water), cooling spray tower (limewater), lime and activated carbon injection to capture acid pollutants, dioxins and furans, bag filters filtration with recirculation and humidification of APC residues


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