Customer :

SIL, Syndicat Intercommunautaire de Littoral in Charente Maritime

Role :

Engineering/ Construction

Key date :


Location :

Rochefort - France

Description of the Project

The future facility will replace the current Echillais treatment plant, which has reached its maximum capacity. The plant will be completely rebuilt and equipped with the latest technologies in terms of energy recovery and environmental protection. The facility will integrate various processes to achieve a very high level of performance for material recycling and energy recovery. VINCI Environnement has developed innovative and inventive solutions: by combining several processes, mechanical pretreatment, biological treatment and thermal treatment, 97% of the waste delivered to the plant will be recycled: the organic fraction will allow producing of compost for use in farming and the non-organic fraction will be converted in to electricity, fully exported in to the ERDF grid after self-supply of the plant. Thermal power will also be produced and injected into a heating network to cover 100% of the heating requirements of Airbase 721, which is located near the plant. Therefore, for optimum energy recovery, only the waste with a very high calorific value will be incinerated. Over 2,500 tons of metal will be recycled each year and the bottom ash will be re-used in road building. The biological treatment of the future SIL integrated facility will also involve recycling of the selectively collected kitchen waste to produce quality compost for use in farming.

Annual treatment capacity:

57,000 t/year of residual household waste (after selective sorting)
12,000 t/year of bulk waste from waste collection centres

Work done and added value of our solution

  • 2 overhead cranes: 7m3 grab buckets
  • Mechanical sorting of MSW (110 mm mesh screening, Eddy current & Foucault separator): capacity 25 t/h
  • 18 ECOTUNNELS® (ventilated tunnels) for fermentation of the organic fraction
  • Compost refining (10 mm mesh screening, densimetric table): capacity 16 t/h
  • 2 ECOTUNNELS® for maturation of the refined compost
  • Baling press: capacity 20 t/h RHW (0.25 t/m3)
  • Deodorising of foul air (dust removal, acid washing, bio-filtration): capacity approx. 110,000 m3/h
  • Schredding of bulk waste: capacity 15 t/h
  • Roller grate, low NOx parallel flow combustion chamber – design capacity: 9.3 t/h at LHV 2770kcal/kg
  • Steam production: vertical boiler with pressurised water pipes 45 bar eff. / 400 °C / flow rate 37 t/h
  • Condensing turbo alternator with 3 bleeds (including 1 adjusted). Rated power: 7.3 MWel
  • Heating network connection by one 12 MWth steam/water exchanger
  • SNCR DeNox at 33% urea
  • Process for treating flue gas by dry bi-reagent (sodium bicarbonate or lime and activated carbon), and by bag filters


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