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Engineering/ Construction

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Location :

Haute Normandie - France

Description of the Project

The original SEDIBEX plant was commissioned in 1977, it now consists of 3 lines designed and constructed by VINCI Environnement and it is one of the most modern treatment facilities in Europe. In 2009, the line 3 project has consisted in modernising and extending the capacity of the unit by 65,000 tpa to achieve a total throughput of 165,000 tpa of waste. Like the first 2 lines, it is equipped with a boiler to produce steam, what improves the energy recovery of the facility to a total of 300,000 tons of steam sold to local industries, and 8.5 million kWh in electricity representing 60% of the site’s needs.


 Characteristics of the new line 3 :
8 tph (65,000 tpa of doughy and liquid hazardous industrial waste)
Rotary kiln/ Post-combustion chamber/ Boiler connected in co-generation for the production of electricity and steam/ Flue gas treatment by wet process/ De-mineralised water production unit
Energy production : 21.5 tph of steam

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Waste type : Hazardous industrial waste, solids, liquids and doughy pumpable
  • VINCI Environnement rotary kiln, with post-combustion chamber
  • Boiler steam: pressure 40 bars – temperature 360 °C – output 60 tph
  • Existing counter-pressure turbo-alternator (20 bars) – 3 lines
  • Connection to the local steam network to supply the neighbouring industrialists (140,000 tpa)
  • Flue gas treatment by wet process – Filtration through electrostatic precipitator + gas scrubbing – Dioxins treatment in liquid phase – Physicochemical treatment of effluents
  • Production of de-mineralised water by large capacity reverse osmosis (1 200m3/day)


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