Customer :

Chambéry Métropole

Role :

Engineering/ Construction

Key date :


Location :

Chambery - France

Description of the Project

The original unit was built in 1975. This revamping project resulted in the dismantlement and reconstruction of the 2 original lines, and the backfitting of the 3rd more recent one. The purpose of this project, set by the city of Chambery in 2004, was to comply with the new gas emissions standards, to provide with a solution face to the continuous increase in solid waste volumes and to improve the performance of the energy from waste facility.

 Area of the site dedicated to the EfW unit : 2.8 hectares – Footprint area: 10,990 m2
Annual througtput : 115,000 tpa of household waste and similar, and 40,000 tpa of sewage plants
Energy production : from 32,000 up to 58,000 MWhe, and up to 90,000 MWhth

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Incinerated waste: RHW (Residual Household waste and similar), NHIW (Non hazardous industrial waste)
  • ICW (Infectious clinical waste), savage sludge
  • Stepped Grate VINCI Environnement – Capacity 2×5 t/h + 1×6 t/h
  • IBISOC®, BioNOx® systems
  • Boilers: pressure of 40 bar/temperature 380°C
  • Condensation turbo-alternator (0.1 bar abs.), fitted with 3 extraction points: Nominal power of 6.4 MW in electricity (+1 existing of 2.75 MW in electricity)
  • Heat network connection by 1 steam interchanger/steam of 16 MWth

Flue gas treatment system by dry process (bicarbonate of sodium + activated carbon), filtering by bag filter

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