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Description of the Project

The new energy from waste plant that was commissioned in 2011 replaced an ageing installation that had been in service since 1973. The newly installed flue gas treatment meets the latest regulatory performance levels for atmospheric emissions of pollutants and offers the choice of using sodium bicarbonate or hydrated lime without having to introduce water into the process. As the site is situated very close to the outskirts of Montereau and is visible from the motorway, special attention was also paid to the noise, olfactory and visual environment.

Number of lines : 1 line of 9 t/h (72,000 t/yr. of incinerated domestic and similar waste)
Flow rate of flue gases treated : 50,000 Nm3/h
Temperature of flue gases : 180°C

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Treatment of acid pollutants by dry process using bi-reagent (hydrated lime or BICAR®)
  • Treatment of dioxins/furans and heavy metals on activated carbon
  • Treatment of nitrogen oxides by low temperature catalytic deNOx S.C.R. (175°C) using ammonia
  • Storage of reagents (silos and tank, dosage and injection)
  • VINCI Environnement Fabric filter with 6 isolables cells (1,773 m² of PTFE filtration surface)
  • Catalytic reactor with 4 isolables cells (11 t of bulk catalyst) with on-site thermal regeneration
  • APC residues storage and mechanical handling
  • 400 kW ID fan
  • Stack, 43.5 m high with diameter of 1.65 m


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