Customer :

Syndicat Mixte Artois Valorisation (SMAV)

Role :

EPC Contractor

Key date :


Location :

Arras - France

Description of the Project

The new process will complete the treatment facilities of SMAV to optimise the recovery potential of each type of waste. Sorted a better way, the waste will be separated, treated and recycled by their characteristic. The facility will recover recyclable materials (ferrous metals), organic matter can be composted, combustible waste with high calorific value will be prepared for optimised energy recovery and less refuse will be sent to landfill.

Annual treatment capacity : 35,000 tpa
Capacity of development : 12,000 tpa of production capacity of recoverable organic fraction recoverable.

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Reception of waste and existing pit
  • Pre-composting in BRS®
  • Drying tunnel (ECOTUNNEL®)
  • Sorting by particule size, metal separation and ballistic air separation
  • Storage and shipping of organic matter to energy recovery dispersion
  • Treatment of exhaust air by scrubbing, bio filtration and controlled dispersion
  • Designing a pre-treatment line able to produce an organic fraction with 70% limits of undesirable values of the French NFU 44051 norm


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