Customer :

Zéphire, a joint venture created between PIZZORNO Environnement, SOVATRAM and IDEX Environnement

Role :

Designer/ Builder

Key date :


Location :

Toulon - France

Description of the Project

The upgrading work of the Toulon Area Waste to Energy plant entrusted to VINCI Environnement, will serve to rationalise the operation of the site through the optimisation of its overall energy cycle and by increasing the availability of the plant’s 3 lines. The upgrades will also reduce noise and odour nuisance caused by the plant. Besides renovating the boilers, VINCI Environnement will implement a new flue gas treatment system that guarantees much lower levels of atmospheric emissions than required by regulation. Furthermore, the site’s energy performance will be significantly improved thanks to a new 12 MW turbine generator set that increases power generation capacity by 20%. The continuity of service will be maintained throughout the work which will be performed within a record-breaking time of 31 months. Finally, the architectural design of the buildings will be completely changed to ensure that the site blends in well with the surrounding landscape and to lessen the plant’s impact on the environment and the local population.

Number of lines : 3 lines /Capacity : 285,000 t/year of trash / Flow rate of flue gases treated : lines 1 and 2 : 57,650 Nm3/h at 11% O2 / Line 3 : 67,050 Nm3/h at 11% O2

Flue gas temperature at the stack : 155 °

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Treatment of Acid pollutants from dry process at BICAR®
  • Treatment of Dioxins furans and heavy metals on activated carbon
  • Treatment of Nitrogen oxides by low temperature catalytic deNOx (SCR) (190 °C) using ammonia
  • Storage Reagent (silos and tank, dosage and injection)
  • VINCI Environnement fabric filter with 6 isolables cells (lines 1 and 2 : 2,138 m² of PTFE filtration surface, line 3 : 2,494 m²)
  • VINCI Environnement catalytic Réactor with 5 isolables cells (11.4 t bulk catalyst) with on-site regeneration
  • APC residues storage and mechanical handling
  • ID Fans (line 1 and 2 : 2 x 250 kW, line 3 : 1 x 315 kW + 1 x 250)


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