Customer :

Trivalis (Departmental joint association for the studies and treatment of household waste and similar of Vendée)

Role :

EPC contractor

Key date :


Location :

Saint Christophe du Ligneron - France

Description of the Project

The new environmental complex of Landes Franches located in the city of Saint Christophe du Ligneron integrates two separate systems to treat household waste of 2 of the 7 collection areas in the department of Vendée.

VINCI Environnement has fully designed and constructed the Mechanical and Biological waste sorting unit of this facility, so that the organic portion of the waste is extracted and converted into compost.

The residue is landfilled at the non-hazardous waste storage area built on the same site. It is compacted into high density bales via a baler to reduce their storage volume and optimise the site’s long-term operation.

The facility will produce about 13,800 tons of compost per annum.

Are of the site : 5.5 hectares
Annual treatment capacity : 55,000 tpa of Residual Solid Waste

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Preparation through the BRS® system
  • Composting by ECOTUNNEL®
  • Maturation in ECOSILO® tunnels
  • Production of a compost compliant with the NFU 44051 standard
  • High efficiency odour treatment by scrubbing systems, bio filters and controlled dispersion
  • High compaction of residue by baler



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