Customer :

INTRADEL : Inter-Municipal Association for treating waste in the Liege region

Role :

EPC (Process + Civil)

Key date :


Location :

Liège - Beligium

Description of the Project

VINCI Environnement and INOVA France joined forces to build the new energy from waste plant at HERSTAL in the suburbs of LIEGE, as part of the extension of the existing plant, whose operating licence was coming to an end. To avoid the significant costs incurred in modernizing, the Client preferred to choose a new installation benefiting from advanced technologies that would meet the most stringent environmental demands and guarantee a better quality of life for residents.

Number of lines : 2 lines of 23.6 t/h (320,000 t/yr. of incinerated domestic and similar waste)
Flow rate of flue gases treated : 2 x 130,000 Nm3/h
Temperature of flue gases : 175 to 185°C

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Treatment of acid polluants by semi-dry process using lime slurry
  • Treatment of dioxins/furans and heavy metals on activated carbon
  • 9 storage silos : fly ash 4 x 220 m3, APS residues 2 x 250 m3, quick lime 2 x 160 m3 and activated carbon 1 x 80 m3
  • Lime slurry preparation facility from quick lime (extinction, dilution, dosage and transport)
  • Semi-dry reactor with rotary atomizer
  • VINCI Environnement Fabric filter with 8 isolables cells (3,463 m² of PTFE filtration surface)
  • Mechanical handling of fly ash and APC residues
  • 800 kW ID fan
  • Stack with 2 flues, 55 m high with a diameter of 5.5 m


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