Customer :

Zakład Gospodarki Odpadami (ZGO)

Role :

EPC Contractor

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Description of the Project

These new installations will optimise operation of the Olawa residual household waste treatment plant, initially comprised of a primary sorting and stabilisation in swaths to reduce the volume intended for burial.

Thanks to new sorting and anaerobic digestion equipment, the unit will produce biogas that can be recovered in three ways as electricity, heat, and cooling. The electricity produced will be consumed by the various processes and the excess sold back to the local grid. The heat produced will help heat the digesters and the offices during winter.

 Annual treatment capacity (entering the site: approximately 80,000 t/year of residual household waste):

 Preparation/sorting of the fraction of residual household waste to be anaerobically digested: 38,600 t/year

Anaerobic digestion: 31,000 t/year

Work done and added value of our solution

  • One preparation unit for the 0-60mm fraction for anaerobic digestion
  • One Kompogas® double digester
  • One biogas recovery unit (Electricity/Heat/Cooling)
  • One digestate dehydration unit

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