Customer :

The SMITOM Martinique

Role :

EPC Contractor

Key date :


Location :

Le Robert, La Martinique - France

Description of the Project

The anaerobic digestion unit is intended to treat the sorted organic fraction of household waste from the collection and green waste, under optimum environmental conditions. This organic fraction is processed through anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and compost. The Green waste is directly treated in compost to produce a premium quality organic fertilizer. Both composts are sold in bulk or packaged in 10 kg bags.

Area of the site : 6 hectares
Annual treatment capacity : 40,000 tons per annum including 20,000 tons in anaerobic digestion and 20,000 tons in accelerated composting.

Work done and added value of our solution

  • Sorting of waste
  • KOMPOGAS® anaerobic digestion
  • ECOSILO® composting
  • ECOSILO® accelerated composting
  • ECOSILO® accelerated maturation
  • Refining and bagging of compost
  • Odour treatment combining scrubbers and bio-filtration


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